by Watching Tides

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released December 27, 2015



all rights reserved


Watching Tides Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: Mindset
burning my trapped heart/
so maybe I get to feel/
from inhaling the smoke/
burning my shut heart/
and maybe a shade of warmth/
might get me through this time/
(and I won't let this go/ and I won't mind)

I'm in your mindset/
couldn't find a brick to throw/

So maybe I am the coward you see/
what you want and who I am are seperate things/
cage me in your dream/
live your life through me/
and I'll be the one that crashes in here
Track Name: the further the better
what if I told you/
that I never felt good with this/
all day longing to get off of this missing bliss/

my intentions disappointed by these actions/
my actions not a result of reflection/
I run and die for things I hate/
this tree is losing leaves (today)/

so bury me in these sheets telling me/
the further/ the better/
speaking in tongues to keep up/
and yesterday is where i stuck/
believe me I'm done here/

an open window might bring clarity/
but also it's giving chance/
to follow the ghosts in me
Track Name: H.E.L.L.
need to clean up this mess/
our hearts/ our backs/ the floor/
grew out of my favorite shirt/
My knees shaky your stomach sour/

always clear/I'm yours/

your bright coloured spring meadow/
invited me to stay/
I lay here in the evergreen/
may the years all fade away/

so I saw our devil/
sleeping on our bedroom floor/
glad that he moved down there/
so we could be like before/

and always clear/
I'm yours
Track Name: Arrow
aiming the arrow at my own feet/
and if it hits them/
I ever stick to that place/

to a constant/
not in control of tides and winds/
and this wound is worth it/
a place to slowly rot/

swear to my own hands/
barely standing as my neck loses grip/
and let my face slowly sink/
into the cold cold wet/

if I ever fall/

so there's a tiny difference between living and survival/
it's about spending it (life) full/
or fullfill it spending like I'm still/
increasingly pretending to fit in that drawer/
I just found my way/
while walking the other/

you are the arrrow at my feet/
but I'll pull you from my flesh/
just release and let go/
just release/
and I will run
Track Name: Fences
'cause the last time I saw you/
was when you turned in your heel/
and I stood numbed/
so now I can't pretend that I'm still at/
the way I felt when we were seventeen/
things went on/
and time took a wedge of steel/
and hammered this one right between our hearts/

I shut that door and thought you'd leave/
but maybe it was me/
who walked away/
locked you there/
and threw away that key/

so we walked far/
but never forward or anywhere/
just in circles around these fences here/
now where we are/
there is a gap between our heads/
so we could never understand/
and walk off far